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Seller's Process

What you can expect when you sell your home. 

    1.  Decide to Sell your home & Decide what is important to you

  • ​​Downsizing or upsizing?
  • New Location?
  • Better school district?
  • Need more space?
  • Need a lower monthly payment?

    2.  Talk to a Realtor

  • ​​​Get an idea of the current market conditions for selling your home
  • Decide if it is the right financial decision for you to sell
  • Decide if it is a good time to sell

    3.  Choose your agent

  • ​​Sign a listing agreement with your realtor giving them the legal authority to market your property​​


    4.  Price your home to sell

  • How much is my home worth?

Right Price Attracts Buyers
Pricing your property competitively will maximize the activity from agents and buyers.

Be Competitive!
The market has a short attention span and so pricing your home right the first time is essential as an overpriced house won’t sell​​.
What Determines The Price
How willing a seller is to sell the property and how willing the buyer is to buy the property.

The Difference Between List Price and Sold Price
The Sales price does not including the seller's credits such as closing cost, title, repairs, and higher commission.

    5.  List your home on the market

  • Begin marketing and showing
  • Market your property to thousands of potential buyers across the country

    6.  Review Offers

  • Be sure to take into consideration what the buyers are requesting to be paid by you such as: closing costs, title fees, escrow fees, taxes, transfers etc.
  • If you have any questions about the purchase contract, talk to your realtor and make sure you understand everything and are aware of all contract obligations before signing anything


    7.  Accept an offer

  • Once an offer is accepted, buyers have 3 days to put in their EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) into escrow to buy your property
  • At this point, the seller(s) must provide property disclosures to the buyer(s)
  • Buyer(s) will perform inspections (Home Inspection, Appraisal, Pest, Roof, Plumbing, HVAC, Structual Engineering, etc.)
  • DO NOT go on vacation during the process unless your destination has reliable internet so that you don't run into problems with closing the sale. 

    8.  Negotiate Repairs

  • Once all reports are in and reviewed by buyer(s), they have the oportunity to request that the seller make proper repairs to the property OR adjustments to the sale price within reason.
  • Considering the cost of repairs & type of repairs. (Note: some repairs will be required by the mortgage company to be done prior to closing in order to get financing)​

    9.  Closing

  • Sale closes once recording of title with the County is confirmed by the escrow company & real estate agent(s)
  • Buyers will usually take possession of the property at 5pm after recording is confirmed
  • Be sure to have made plans/arrangements to be fully moved out of the premisis before 5pm on closing day

    10.  Life After the Sale

  • Maintain files for all HOA docs (if applicable), contracts, closing package, etc. in a safe and secure place ​
  • Enjoy the next chapter of your life!