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What you can expect when you list your property with us 

Real Estate Source, Inc.  is a family owned and operated business with over 300 real estate agents in california. Our corporate office is located in Folsom and we plan to expand with branch offices in the near future! The company was founded in 2007 and started with only 3 agents. The rapid expansion of Real Estate Source, Inc. means that we can leverage our experience and proven practices of the real estate industry to cultivate a winning environment to ensure that a smooth and timely transaction takes place.

Real Estate Source, Inc. will help inform you so that you can decide whether or not conditions are right for you to sell. If you have any questions about pricing your home, inspections, or market conditions don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can bring tools to the table and information on how to handle your home sale in the most efficient way.

Our Values Are Driven By Our Commitment to Our Clients  ​​

  • Trust: Dedicated to creating an atmosphere of professionalism by ensuring all clients are treated with loyalty dignity and respect.

  • Honesty: We operate with absolute honesty and focus on compliance and attention to your needs.
  • Integrity: We work hard to maintain long term relationships by doing what we say we are going to and being transparent.

  • Success: We are endeavor to be the industry leader by exceeding goals and surpassing client expectation.

"Our goal is to help you make the most Net Profit When you sell your investment, keep you happy and make sure you are always protected.​"

Our Marketing Stratagy for your Property
  • We will get your home sold for the most money in the least amount of time possible by pricing competitively.

  • Most buyers discover their new home online. We will aggressively market your house on the mls idx system and a large network of online media outlets to make sure your home gets noticed quickely.​
  • Set up open houses to help sell your home faster.
Right Price Attracts Buyers
Pricing your property competitively will maximize the activity from agents and buyers.

Be Competitive!
The market has a short attention span and so pricing your home right the first time is essential as an overpriced house won’t sell​​.
What Determines The Price
How willing a seller is to sell the property and how willing the buyer is to buy the property.

The Difference Between List Price and Sold Price
The Sales price does not including the seller's credits such as closing cost, title, repairs, and higher commission.


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